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Midlife Cues is a weekly newsletter about intentional living in your middle years. Each edition delivers curated ideas and resources to help you make the most of your middle years and be the best version of yourself in the second half of your life.

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Midlife Cues is smart, savvy, and sparking with wisdom. Lou's writing feeds my curiosity, my love of learning, my sense of humor, and because it's aimed at people in my stage of life, I feel completely understood. It's a rare newsletter that makes me feel smart and bundled in a warm sweater at the same time. Midlife Cues does that for me!


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129. Sharing vs Asking
128. Sorry, not finishing
127. What’s in your picture frame?
126. Forcing Functions
125. On Living
124. Evolution
123. The Mixed Bag, August Edition
122. Planning Serendipity
121. Causing the Effect
120. Vampires
119. I want to be a better person.
118. Intentions
117. Reframing
116. Instigated vs Unexpected
115. This is paying attention.
114. Youth is a gift of nature…
113. You can be that person.
112. My mother has dementia.
111. We must make time for this.
110. Why be limiting and exclusionary?
109. The Mixed Bag, April Edition
108. Looking for shortcuts?
107. Why we make bad decisions
106. We all have it
105. So, what do we call ‘old’ people?
104. To quit or not to quit
103. What? At my age?
102. The inevitability of redefining success
101. Passion vs. Love vs. Curiosity
100. On doing, when you don’t exactly know what you’re doing
99. Of eagles and chickens
98. The most idiotic thing I’ve ever said
97. The Mixed Bag, January 2022 edition
96. Midlifers and their doctors
95. Are you open to being a beginner again?
94. What if you’re not all that excited?

MIDLIFE CUES: For the busy midlifer, a weekly dose of nudges and curated resources to help you feel better, do better, and be your best in your middle years. 


93. The Mixed Bag, December 2021 edition
92. There are always two handles.
91. There are no midlife police.
90. Prelude to the Bossy Boss
89. Say it. Send that letter. Do it now.
88. Who’s got your back?
87. What’s to celebrate?
86. All That Cortisol
85. It’s Possible
84. Not Too Early, Never Too Late
83. The Mixed Bag, October Edition
82. The Tyranny of Still
81. Are You Plateauing?
80. Embrace the Thrash
79. Mixed Bag, August 2021 Edition
78. What Have I Been Afraid Of
77. To Be or Not To Be… Authentic
76. For 60K a Year?
75. Sunk Costs in Midlife
74. Mixed Bag, July 2021 Edition
73. Defending Your Life
72. Contemplating Death
71. We’ve mastered this
70. Mixed Bag, May 2021 Edition
69. Like “this” body?
68. The coming tsunami?
67. Minding the Shift
66. Bittersweet

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