So many of us have been waging a war with our bodies for so long. Or if not exactly a war, we’re not at peace with our bodies either. Whether it’s the never-ending quest for weight loss or wishing our bodies would look and behave the way they did in our 20s and 30s, we have a long list of grievances as we hack our way to a new diet yet again.

There has to be a way for us to have a healthier relationship with food and our bodies.


  • The concept of “Body Peace” and how we can achieve it
  • The diet culture: how to recognize it, name it, and create healthy boundaries
  • How we can approach weight loss, if that is our goal, and increase our chances of achieving what we really want
  • Embracing our bodies in midlife
  • Listening to our bodies


Nina Manolson is a board-certified health and wellness coach. She helps women end the war with food and body so that we can finally feel at peace and at home in our bodies. The kind of home where we can run around naked and not worry about what is “good enough” or what others will think.

In this episode, Nina and I talked about why gaining a healthy relationship with our bodies isn’t just a solo job or a mindset thing, how we can approach the holy grail of weight loss so that we have a better chance at achieving what we really want, and how we can embrace our bodies in midlife.


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Body peace to me feels like the kind of relationship we actually want with our body versus what I hear most women dealing with, which is basically body war.

We live in a culture that is yelling at us, screaming, hollering. Here’s the ideal body. Here’s what you should eat. Here’s what you shouldn’t eat. So we can’t just be living in our own little bubble. It’s coming at us. So part of this work and really practicing body peace is how do I navigate the diet culture?

If we opt-out of diet culture, then what are we opting into? How about having an authentic relationship with your own body? There is listening to your own body wisdom. There is knowing what actually works for your own body in terms of food, in terms of movement, and not going for the prescribed diet culture way because that’s what they say you should do,

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. The problem is, historically the way that our culture has told people to lose weight actually doesn’t work

It’s moving towards something versus moving away. And the thing we’re moving towards is ourselves. The thing we’re moving towards is nourishment. The thing we’re moving towards is peace with our body. The thing that we’re moving away from is deprivation. We’re moving away from self-judgment.

If we can be in our current body, then we can know what does this body at this age, with this amount of stress living in this particular climate in this particular season, with this ability to move, what does she need to feel her best? So it’s really coming into the reality that this is the body that I’m in now. How do I care for this current body? Not an imagined future and not an idealized past.


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