Second Breaks 162 Shawn Fink

Many of us reach midlife and realize we’ve been playing small. We’ve built a life and a persona that’s not entirely all-encompassing of the person that we are. Or perhaps we have outgrown it and it no longer aligns with our life and the person we want to be.


  • Why self fragmentation occurs and why it shows up at work and home
  • What is a “wholeness journey” and what is its end goal
  • Self-advocacy: what it looks like and how it sounds
  • The idea behind small brave YESes
  • Where to begin our wholeness journey


Shawn Fink is the founder and host of The Brave Yes Show and a coach for Gen X women who want to redefine themselves or their careers for the next half of their lives.

In this episode, we explore what leads to self-fragmentation, how we can recognize it, and how we can begin the journey to our whole self. We also talk about a very important thing – self-advocacy – and how this is such a critical skill to learn and hone.

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