“Midlife is a unique time in our life when we have the same amount of experience behind us as we have possibilities ahead of us. It can be the most powerful time of our life.” — Sara Smeaton


  • Why our midlife can be the most powerful years of our life
  • Strong habits that we can develop so we can not just enjoy but thrive in midlife
  • Practical applications of these habits in our day-to-day
  • Common situations where we can feel resistance as we apply these habits


Sara Smeaton is a certified coach, writer, workshop and group leader, and creator of the interview series, Power Profiles: Redefining Midlife. She is determined to challenge the narrative that in midlife, and beyond, we are too old to have new adventures, romance, vitality and health, and to make meaningful contributions.

In this episode, Sara I talk about the habits that we can develop to thrive in our midlife – or as I say these days, rock our middle years. You’ll hear loads of examples of practical applications of these habits in our daily lives and how to overcome resistance and challenges – as we all know we experience whenever we’re building new habits.


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I have not found it a dreadful time of life. I’ve not found it an unsexy time of life. I’ve found it quite the opposite. It’s fulfilling and it’s fun. And I’m really enjoying it and feeling more like myself than I ever have.

Many of us have been checking off the boxes, the shoulds, for many years. Okay, I did the thing that I was supposed to do. And now what? Well, now I get to choose. Now I get to choose who I want to be. I get to choose what I want.

We’ve been sort of conditioned to be chosen. You know, “will you come and go on a date with me” versus “you’re the one I want.” Or like waiting for opportunities to fall at our feet versus really going after what we want. And to do that, you have to claim what you want.

Our choices come directly from what we believe to be true. So if my story is midlife is the beginning of the end, it’s too late, I’m too old, all my best years are behind me — then what choices will I make? It would be radically different than if I think midlife is the power years, and this is the time for me to come into my own and to like claim who I am and use my voice and be creative and make an impact.

A key to unlocking the magic of this time of life is to choose curiosity because the other thing about curiosity is that it is the opposite of judgment. It’s very hard to be judgemental and curious at the same time.


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