Second Breaks 186 with Ronna Detrick
August 11, 2022


“There is no one true way to tell a story. It’s always being interpreted, always through a lens, through a perspective.” – Ronna Detrick


Every now and again, you have a conversation that shifts the way you view the world ever so slightly, and from then on, your experience is fundamentally changed.

This was certainly the case with my conversation with Ronna Detrick.

Ronna is a coach, writer, and speaker who focuses on the stories that have shaped women’s lives. She helps women reimagine our stories and tell them in ways that invite beauty, wisdom, and the sovereignty that we desire and deserve.

We’ve all heard about stories. Storytelling is having its heyday. Everyone is invoking the word so much so that it’s beginning to lose its meaning which is what happens when everyone and their uncles use it in every conceivable way.

But the way Ronna talks about our stories — those stories that have shaped our lives — is in a different category altogether.

Ronna says it’s not the stories per se but the way the stories have been told to us that have had a profound impact on our individual lives and in women’s lives collectively.

Stories like Eve, Cinderella, or Snow White. And, of course, yes, the stories that are more unique to our family of origin.

In this episode, Ronna dissects these stories and decodes what about them have such profound impact, how we can begin to recognize and hear how they show up in our lives today, and what we can do to begin the process of reframing and reclaiming our stories.


Ronna Detrick’s career has spanned human resources, higher education, leadership development, and entrepreneurship. She holds a BA in Business and Communication, and a Master’s degree focused on feminist theology. She has been a senior executive with two different organizations, offered multiple keynotes, trained thousands of people, and even given a TEDx talk on Eve.

Thirteen years ago, she founded her own business where she writes, speaks, and coaches. Her passion is reimagining women’s stories — past, present, and future.


  • How stories passed down from generation to generation, like Eve and Cinderella, have profoundly shaped our lives today
  • How to “listen” to the underlying story
  • The way the story is told versus the story itself
  • Why reframing works
  • How we can begin to reimagine and retell our stories


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About the Host: Lou Blaser

A former management consultant and IT leader, Lou Blaser is the editor of Midlife Cues and the host of the Second Breaks podcast. She is also the author of Break Free: The Courage to Reinvent Yourself and Your career. Lou’s work is focused on exploring how to navigate, thrive, and turn midlife into the best phase in our life.