Second Breaks 193: with Vivek Chakrabortty
November 24, 2022

“The biggest transformation you see in me is that I’ve replaced the rule book.” — Vivek Chakrabortty

A singular event rarely transforms a person. True transformation occurs over time and usually, after a series of events that shakes one’s worldview.

On this podcast, we often talk about change and transformation in one’s career and life. It’s the show’s bread and butter!

Coming close to 200 episodes now, as much as we’ve gone behind the scenes and peeled back the layers of these change stories, I can honestly say today’s episode is something different and special. And the only way I can describe it is that this is a case study on how deep personal transformation actually happens.

We get to hear not only what happened — or in this case, the series of events that happened. We also learn how these events triggered the transformation in mindset and point of view, and how these changes became internalized and truly influenced action.


Vivek Chakrabortty is the CEO and Founder of The Kavi Group, a crisis management and business continuity consulting firm that supports some of the largest firms in the world today. He is a husband and a father to 3 young adults. You’ll hear him say later that home is wherever his family is, so let me just say today he and his family reside in Florida.


  • How Vivek slowly but surely, discarded the rule books and constructs that he had previously lived his life by;
  • The philosophies — or his North and South stars — that guide his work and life;
  • How these philosophies show up in his work and his parenting style;
  • What he views as his responsibility is to his employees;
  • How his ambition expresses itself today (versus how it was 20 years ago).



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